Strona główna Aktualności SOLIDARITY with UKRAINE







Krakow Bar Association declares solidarity with the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian lawyers. 

We are committed to do our best to help, and we are not alone. There is a great cooperation and engagement from all  bar associations on regional and national levels in Poland. For once, we are all truly united.


The scale of the problem is such, that we have divided our efforts into 4 directions :

- a broad action of legal help provided pro bono for refugees

- support for Ukrainian lawyers and their families, both in Poland and in Ukraine

- cooperation with bar associations and NGO's in Ukraine

- humanitarian aid


We will describe the work done in more detail at the later stage, right now, time is of the essence and we need to act at once.

Truly all sort of help is needed. You can donate your time (volunteers, lawyers, applicants, law students, interpreters, translators etc), you can bring material supplies (food, warm clothes, medicine, etc), or make a donation :



Krakowska Izba Adwokacka

Batorego 17 

31-135 Kraków, POLAND

IBAN: PL 65 1050 1445 1000 0090 3043 5714


sort code: 105014


Transfer title :
« self-management of the Bar : Aid for Ukrainian lawyers »



Be assured, your help will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated by our Ukrainian colleagues.





A letter from 23.03.2022 in which the president of the Kharkiv Bar Association advocate  Viktoria  Haivoronska officialy thanks the Krakow Bar Association for its overall assistance and humanitarian aid. 





A letter from 01.04.2022 in which the president of the  Volyn Regional Bar Council advocate  Galina Rudenko officially thanks the Krakow Bar Association for humanitarian aid, which is shared between lawyers from Volyn and evacuees from Kharkiv, Donieck, and Chernihiv.


On April 19, 2022, we delivered an ambulance loaded with medical supplies and food to the border with Ukraine, where the dean of the Krakow Bar Association adw. Aleksander Gut handed it over to adw. Pavlo Lutsyuk. The next day, on April 20, 2022 this same ambulance was handed over to the dean of the Mykolaiv Bar Association.

Special thanks are due to the Bar Association of Brussels, which generosity made it all possible. We are grateful for the trust and continued support from the batonnier Maurice Krings and the batonnier Bart de Moor.



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