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Dear President and Colleague,


we are pleased to announce the organization, for the first time in Italy, of an International Forum on inheritance law.


The Forum has been organized by the Foreign Affairs Committee (Commissione Rapporti Internazionali – CRINT of the Milan Bar Association, with the collaboration of the Unione CRINT Italiane (the union of the Italian’s  Foreign Affairs Committee


The Ministry of Justice as well as a number of major universities and international associations have also been involved.


The Forum will be held on line from May 5th to the 7th 2022. Over the three days, experts in inheritance law representing 14 different states will explain their national inheritance law systems.


Speeches will be in English, there is no fee to attend the conference but registration is required and can be done directly from the website


We would be very pleased with your participation in the event if it is of interest to you.


We would also be grateful if you would spread the news of this event to the members of your Bar Association and to everyone (not only lawyers or specialists) interested in attending at the seminars.

Kind regards,


Paola della Campa


Avvocato e Rechtsanwältin

Via San Giovanni Sul Muro 18

20121 Milano